Youtube Mp3 Converter for me!

I made this youtube mp3 converter for myself. Nobody is allowed to use it. But I have to pay server rent, so today I will let 1 person in. You are the one! Don't let me see you though!!

💡 Install web app

I recommend try enter "ground control to major tom". amazing song by the most amazing david bowie.. That is if you don't know what to look for.. Otherwse feel free to enter anything you like.. Even a youtube link you got elsewhere.. I am not going to pout...

Youtube Mp3 Converter I made for me

I made this awesome tool for myself, and wasn't gonna let anyone in here. But apparently I have to pay server rent, so today I let just 1 person in. And the rules are: we both use the site, but you can't convert same videos to mp3, that I am converting. And if you do want same youtube mp3 video converted, you have to wait till I convert it, then you can do whatever with it. But only until I want to convert it to mp3 again. Then you can't! Very simple. And don't let me see you. I don't wanna bump into you. This is my youtube mp3 converter, I hope you understand? And don't tell anyone about this place, I don't want more people in here... Ok?

How to use my YoutubeMp3 converter?

See, now I have to explain.. Well, these images should give you the idear about the works of this site. See, I made it for myself, made it easy to use. You don't need to bother with links or apps. Simply open my youtube mp3 converter (it's mine!), click in the white box, enter what artist you want to listen to, or a specific song maybe on your mind. Well, type it in, submit, or select my autocomplete suggest, and see a dozen videos show up. Pick one, click, - download button will be there, with another one to back it up in case first button breaks. That's it, hit the button, youtubemp3 converter will start working, mp3 will download as soon as the conversion process completes. Easy? I would think so!

4 - enter some search word in white box

3 - click on any video that shows after

2 - now hit green Download Mp3 button

1 - wait for conversion, download mp3

I am planning to generate chart of top 20 most loved videos. Until now it was me only, I didn't need my top 20, I knew it already - smooth jazz by the Quiet Storm Night Quartet mostly. But now all of you new people are coming.. With different interests.. It will be interesting to see the top 20, right? I will do that in a few days.

Does it work with my own youtube URL?

Yes, it works. But why would you use your own URL? Anyway, just paste it into the search box, and submit. Our system will act as if I chose some random video, it will still return results, but it will be very very unpleased that you didn't let it help.

Another Youtube Mp3 Converter? How is yours better than dozens of others?

You bet! I made it for myself, how many times do I need to repeat that? It's clean, hella-fast, uses bootstrap 4 with its beautiful crossbrowser mobile-ability. There is no ads and will never be any ads. Obviously, my words that you can't come in, are simply a trick to make you wanna come in.. This server costs peanuts to host, no worries. 1 less coffee per month, won't feel any different.. I need coffee now!!! Did I tell you, I was also lazy and made this site work with huge youtube playlists? Like 10 videos or more.. They just show up in a list... My site adds artist, title and album to mp3, if they are listed on the video. Adds album cover, if finds one, lyrics too.. It produces HQ sound for mp3, using VBR of range 256-320kbps, - the best possible sound encoding, highest possible mp3 bitrate (V1 variable). Any more reasons for you to try out my site?

Youtube Mp3 Converter blog

June 20, 2018.. I made this awesome site..
March 10, 2019.. Kinda lonely here..
May 05, 2019.. Too many people now..

are you kidding me, what kind of blog were you expecting here? I am the youtube mp3 converter, yes, but nothing to blog about.. but write to me, I'll be happy to hear from you..